Last weeks!

I am in my final few weeks here at Tullie house and the CBDC. Which means in general i have been working on summarising and finish off a few jobs. 

But although I haven’t been up to many new projects the museum has been really busy especially in its nature week in may half term! The final event was a Bioblitz of the secret garden that i got to run, which involved families finding all different bugs which we then identified and created a species list. It was a fantastic day, though a little rainy, overall we found and identified over 50 different species. I also got to help out at the new all ages skeleton workshops, which involved bringing out different skeletons to show different features and evolutionary paths.

CBDC has been really busy as the recording season has well and truly kicked off. this has meant i have been busy creating different content for their Facebook as well as advertising all the different events people may be interested in this summer. A new thing we have been doing with the Facebook is record highlights. These are new records that we have received that we explain a bit about the significants of the records and also map the old and new records to show that species in cumbria. These record highlights are really fun to do as they tend to be invertebrate species which draws attention to species that people may not know to record. So far this has lead to a nationally significant crane fly getting record for a new area after they saw the post and that it had been recorded recently.

Though I am finishing here soon i still have a lot of work to do and some projects that i will be carrying on with after my placement ends. the main will be working on creating cumbrian fungi murals using the money i received from the grow wild uk grant. The aim is to have a painting day soon and inviting local young naturalist and art enthusiasts to come to the secret garden paint the fungi murals and talk a bit about recording and identifying fungi, inverts etc.

I will also still be back at Tullie soon to start collecting my dissertation data. for my dissertation i will be looking at digitally colour coding red squirrel fur and seeing how this relates to location, date, population. So looking forward to getting to work with all the red squirrel skins and getting to use some of the inventorying skills I have perfected the last few months. 



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