The last few weeks i have been working on creating a display for the temporary case in Tullie Houses entrance hallway.

I decided to make the case an update of Macpherson’s book ‘Fauna Of Lakeland’ who was the founder of Tullie’s natural history collection and who’s book is now 127 years old, offering a unique insite into wildlife when the museum was founded. My aim for this was to combine the museum, records and conservation in Cumbria in an accessible way. To do this I took species from the book and broke them into three categories extinct from Cumbria, at risk and in recovery.

I chose 3 mammals, 3 Birds and 3 Butterflies with a variety of different species most mentioned in Macphersons book (butterflies where a reference to Carlisle NATS first transcription) all with a unique connection to conservation and Cumbria. Each story was told through a variety of objects; taxidermy mounts, entomology, eggs, books and taxidermy skins.

Above shows the final display, with one of the stars the Pine Marten

Creating and installing the display was exiting, as I got to start from a completely clean slate. Meaning choosing what to display and what objects to represent it with was a hard task particularly as I was having to research each story to fact check it. Luckily I was able to confirm my final choices with different specialists from Cumbria, such as the county recorder for mammals, all of which gave me great advice and helped achieve the final project.

I also got to design and dry mount all the labels for it, as well as re-boxing the entomology specimens for it, both shown in the image above.


I also worked on getting the Grow wild grant UK for a fungi art project that i am planning and was lucky enough to be offered the £500. Below is a peak at some of the stuff that I hope to be creating with different groups from the local community in Tullie Houses Secret Garden.



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