Christmas Time!

Apologies that this is a blog post all about Christmas, here at Tullie house and the CBDC, that is going out in February. My excuse is Christmas and time off work, so I could travel down to the south to see my family.

Tullie House

As it was Christmas Tullie house had Santa come and visit, this is exiting for the natural sciences as or winter scene has a large amount of different taxidermy in it, to add to the magic! This meant that we got to uncover the wolf for its yearly appearance at Santa’s grotto. I then had to oversee the wolf coming back into the collection, this involved checking its condition then wrapping it in acid free paper to protect it from any pests.

I have been working on a lot of collection care work and trying to match up the items in the collection to those that have been put on modes. This involves going through individual specimens checking if they have an accession number, if they don’t then I give them a temporary number and hopefully at the end of the inventorying stage I can either match them up to their number or give them a new number. However, if they have a number already then, I check firstly to see if it is correct then I see if it matches with the list of specimens from modes. If it is not on modes then I make a note of it to add in the future, as the number it has will need to be checked against the records to make sure that it is that specimen.


skulls collection. 1st row shows example of one of the skull draws, stoat lower jaw, fox skull collected by Ernest Blezard, Rabbit skull collected by Ernest Blezard, 2 bat skulls in test tubes. 2nd row shows, a mink baculum, bat skull with lower jaw and other bones with pencil for scale.

I have been carrying out this process with our large skull collection and our bird mounts collection. Both collections have many specimens and many of them wither have no number or have become separated from their number. So, this is a more long-term project, my aim is to complete the bird mounts as they are more urgent as we use them often, so a correct list is important. Then I will continue with the skull collection.


Bird mounts project. 1st row shows one of the cupboards containing shorebird mounts, example of different bird mounts, an early mount by Macpherson (a founding member of the collection) with a second bird of the same species added later (1901) to the mount.


The main work I have been doing for the CBDC Is the social media post’s and species of the week. Recently I have been thinking about the audience of these posts, as the people who like and follow the CBDC pages some are recorders, but most are just people with an interest in recording and the natural world. The actual recorders are often involved in lots of CBDC let projects and groups and often are already aware of the information shared on the CBDC Facebook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some examples of different species of the week from over Christmas.

Whereas the people who are interested in the CBDC but not an active recorder often look at the Facebook posts and are interested in the work the CBDC does and want to learn more. These are the people that I think the Facebook posts are targeting and hopefully ‘recruiting’ to become active recorders, often these are ‘young people’ who are intimidated to get more involved in the recording world.

CBDC has also been busy planning for the summer, as well as catching up on all the admin from the previous recording season.

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