My Duties

A busy week of figuring out what my duties would be as well as the different types of events that the CBDC and Tullie house get involved in.

Tullie House

For Tullie house I now have been given a bigger project that I can work on over the next few months, the small freezer in the basement. The freezer is currently where all the public wildlife donations are stored, these include mammals, birds and reptiles and mainly come with a bit of information about them. Due to the large work load of the curator the freezer has become a bit of a back-log and no-one has had time to fully sort it. This means some of the stuff in there is from the 80’s and some is from last year, so my job is to go through the freezer and give each specimen in there a temporary number and to identify and record its information. This list will then be used to decide what stuff to accession into the collection and what it will be used for e.g. Education, Skin, Mount. But for now, I just am trying to figure out what is in there, I also discovered that frozen bats are not my favourite thing they have a real smell to them.

frozen squirrelfreezer-records-safe-to-use.png
Tullie also held a fossil workshop/lecture this week, it was the first time Simon had done this lecture so there was a lot of work needed to figure out what specimens would be suitable. This was quiet exciting as I have basic knowledge about fossils so being able to look at them and to group them with different fossils that shared similar features was interesting. I also go to sit in on the lecture so that there was an extra hand to facilitate the lecture and make sure that everything was being handled correctly. Which also meant I got to learn about the different types of fossils such as what trace fossils are, and that DNA has a short half-life so Jurassic park couldn’t happen, which is a shame.


I was also busy this week working for the CBDC, organising the newsletter and then creating content for their Facebook page. I have constructed a bit of a plan for the Facebook so every week there is a species of the week and my system is to alternate between Invertebrate, Bird, Mammal and a Reptile every now and again. Then I am also going to do one post about the work that CBDC is doing and then a kind of fun post more about getting people to engage with the natural world and their local wildlife.

I also attended Brampton roads Bioblitz as part of the University’s fresher’s week, I was there representing Tullie house, CBDC, LOST and Afon and talking about all the volunteer opportunities that are available with these organisations. The main challenge was the fact that I was on my own and the stall did contain a lot of specimens from the collection that I was responsible for. But armed with my inventory list it all went very smoothly, and It was fun chatting to people about the specimens and what Tullie and CBDC do and how they could get involved.


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